Friday, September 9, 2011

Mom... your phone tastes like milk!

this entry has been in my draft for so long! HAHAHA :p
just have a read...

seeing the title, what comes to mind? let me give some options...
A) the child licks the phone after having milk
B) the child dunks the phone in milk, and licks it
C) the child spill milk on the phone, and licked it

which ever it is, water and phones shouldn't mix...
so i read a magazine earlier this month, 'Young Parents: Feb 2011 issue'. i came across an interesting article on 'How to rescue your mobile after Junior dunks it'. more or less, the title above is the caption from the comic. anyway, u get the idea. right?

so below are the tips on how u might be able to save your phone.
  1. remove the battery immediately. don't bother turning off the phone. take out the sim card and expendable memory.
  2. place the phone inside an airtight container that has a couple of silica packs. these are commonly used to keep items dry in their boxes. (u can find these when u buy new shoes, or just get thirsty hippo! thatz it.)
  3. itz hard to say how long to keep it inside - that depends on the extent of the spillage, so this varies.
  4. try not to dismantle the electrical parts of your mobile phone to dry them coz u might void your warranty. if all else fail, take to customer care and hope for the best.
owh, guess what? few days after, wifey's phone fell into the toilet bowl. (hmm...?) this article actually saved her new BB. lucky huh? enjoy!

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