Thursday, May 20, 2010

One eyed bandits

well, sometime last week, wifey told me that Mama (her's) fell in the bathroom and bruised one of her eyes. kesian. she had to wear sunglasses to the market. heheh imagine that... diva at the marketplace... =D

then last night, when wifey came home from work, she had infection in her right eye. so itz swollen and is watery and well, constantly developing the yellowish-goldish boogie. so this morning we went to see the doctor for some fix. yeah, she got her meds and MC and all. and she's also restricted from holding zara for at least 2 days.

now comes the worrying part. itz ok having to take care of zara by myself but... eye infection, is INFECTIOUS. yeah she can quarantine herself in the room and all. but would it ascertain that me or zara would not get infected?? as Alpha 5 of the Power Rangers would say: "ai yai yai yai yai..."

i know how infectious it is. had it once while in campus. our room is a petri dish of the germ. not sure who got it first but all three of us got infected. how's that? we didnt even share anything- got our own PC, own bunks, we take different subjects... and yet, we share vampire eyes...

hmmm... just hope zara didnt get infected. pity that baby...

Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Dear Mama,
Happy Mother's Day! Thank you for having raised, loved, and care for all 5 of us. May Allah grant you good health and happiness fiddunya wal akhirah. We love you so much.

Dear Wifey,
Sayang... Happy Mother's Day. Thank you for having brought our little angel into our lives. May her presence strengthen our bond and love toward each other throughout our lives. I love you sayang.

Dear Mama (wifey's),
Happy Mother's Day. Thank you for accepting me in your daughter's life and having me in the family. We love you!

Dear Kakak,
You're a great sister. I'm sure you're a great mother too... Happy Mother's Day! :)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Gemuruh jiwa... Semangat membara...

Mood: My favourite song at the moment

Song: Gemuruh
Singer: Faizal Tahir
Album: ?
Genre: Rock


Bila bertalu rentak di kalbu
Hasrat yang tersirat semakin ku buru
Bila bergema laungan gempita
Harapan bernyala nadiku berganda

Gemuruh jiwa semangat membara
Dari puncak ingin ke angkasa
Berkalungkan bintang berkelipan
Menyerlah jauh dari yang biasa

Bila bertalu rentak di kalbu
Hasrat yang tersirat semakin ku buru
Bila bergema laungan gempita
Harapan bernyala nadiku berganda

Gemuruh jiwa semangat membara
Dari puncak ingin ke angkasa
Berkalungkan bintang berkelipan
Menyerlah jauh dari yang biasa

Ungkapan ini bukan sekadar bermimpi
Segalanya pastikan terbukti nanti

Gemuruh jiwa semangat membara
Dari puncak ingin ke angkasa
Berkalungkan bintang berkelipan
Menyerlah jauh dari yang biasa

My N95 - the unrivaled phone (yet)

so i was reading a friend's blog about his N95. well, he's not really my friend. i dont know this guy. and maybe he doesnt know me either. but he's wifey's course mate back in uni. which makes us campus mates! right?! itz like: "i see u, u see me... owhh... we're from MMU..." ok. what is this weird script??!

so anyways, back to the story. the entry was about his N95 phone. having the same phone and sharing the same scenario just made me feel like dropping an entry of my N95 too ;)

i bought the phone in 2008 at a mobile fair in Cheras. like most users, the reasons for getting this model was its functions that it could deliver - typical voice/video calls, media player, web browser, organiser, 5.0 MP camera with Carl Zeiss optics (this i have to mention ;p), GPS, games, alarm clock, ... etc.  it can practically do almost anything u could expect from a single phone!

thing i like the most is its Symbian OS. just imagine how many apps u could install in there - provided u have enough space in the memory card of coz... i must say, i have installed quite a number of additional apps and im happy with it.

all these things u can do with this phone. do i have any reasons to change to a new phone? not for now...

while it have served me all this time, its housing is already torned. some beating it has endured, heh? :)

also, same case like my friend(?) there, the battery cover could no longer hold the battery in its place- it would just fall off. in contrary to my friend's solution of using tape, i used a different approach of using phone casing. lucky for N95, the casing design just snaps the phone in place, holding the battery cover with it. this way it looks neater and give a professional touch to it.

anyways, here's link to his blog.

i also placed a comment there just sharing my two-cents on the matter:

"cant agree with u more on the superiority of N95. i had the same problem with mine too. what i did, i purchased the leather casing – u know the thingy to cover the phone? (the ori is the one with button)

so basicly it snaps the phone in place, holding the cover to the back of the case and voila! battery problem solved and u look like a businessman :p

ps: corrected by the sales person. the phone exterior is the ‘housing’. the leather/plastic thingy we use to cover the phone is ‘casing’."

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Favourite Quotes

itz been a while since i updated my blog. same as all other online apps that i have. been bz lately. new project just got in. the old pending PoCs are now moving as real, and i'm also doing RnD for a new system with the team. hmm... bz bz bz!!

see, i was just browsing my fb after so long, then i realised in the profile, there's a favourite quote section. just proves ive not read/updated my profile for so long that i totally forgot about those quotes.

well being in the topic, im sure every1 have their own favourite quotes themselves. could be anything related or not related at all to them. they have their own reasons or they just like it.

in my case, i like motivational ones... keeps me spirited ;)

so below are some of my favourite quotes. who knows, it might lift up some1's spirit for the day. enjoy! :)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Everything I do in my life has to be the best. I have to educate myself to the place that I can contend as the best on earth - Will Smith

The world ain't all sunshine and rainbows. It is a very mean and nasty place It will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it. You, me or nobody is going to hit as hard as life. But it ain't about how hard you hit, it is about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward, how much can you take and keep moving forward. That's how winning is done! - Rocky Balboa

If it didn't kill u, it makes u stronger... - U Got Served

Life is what happens while you're busy making your excuses. Another day, another casualty - Simple Plan

Bekerjalah untuk duniamu seolah-olah kamu akan hidup seratus tahu lagi, dan beribadahlah seolah-olah kamu akan mati esok hari - Rasulullah s.a.w

Hendak seribu daya, tak hendak seribu dalih - Malay proverb

Di mana ada kemahuan, di situ ada jalan - Malay proverb

Biarlah hari ini lebih baik dari semalam dan hari esok lebih baik dari hari ini - anonymous