Wednesday, March 31, 2010

BLACK Wednesday

Wednesday, wednesday... loong wednesday... i dont like wednesdays. y? coz itz the day when traffic jam is worst in a week. some ppl say they hate monday, bcoz itz the 1st day of work, jam, bla bla...

but in my case, wednesday's the worst. just dont know y itz so bad. is it becoz itz the middle of the week? that ppl usually work? could be... lets try to theorize like this. y would any1 want to take leave on the mid of the week when they can have longer weekend should:
  1. they take leave from thursday, or 
  2. extend their weekend to tuesday? 
hmmmph... there's a possibility to that logic but we'll never know for real. how about we go down and do a survey on the matter? *...* hoh!! definitely not happening.

 thatz about it with me and wednesdays. if in future i can find a way to slip through this maniatic wednesdays. i'll share. till then, fin.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

positioning my chess pieces

image from thechessstore.com
have u ever played chess? i remembered it used to be my favourite game while in primary school. boring huh? while other kids were running and shouting around. we're sitting at the corner playing chess. yeah... we're the best of our age that time. we've beaten our seniors in chess. boast? just a bit ;p

itz all about understanding the situation. read through ur opponent's moves. and think a few steps ahead. in the end, win or lose, itz just a game.

put that in real world... every choice u make, everything u do, makes a difference- toward betterment, or the other way around. and should it be a mistake, it will usually drag u down the path. but hey, it'll only drag as long as u dont surrender. go work out something else!

so, im positioning my chess pieces into place. insyaAllah... hopefully one day, it would all work out as planned. Amin.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Hard Rock!

took the friday off last week so we could head up north, to wifey's hometown. we started our journey thursday night after office. sarah joined the trip aswell. so my estimation was right, we reached there around 1.30am. and zara's tok umi and wan are wide awake waiting for this little one hehhe and as usual, she'll sleep with her tok umi and wan on the first nite we reach there. itz a silent dominant rule enforced by her tok umi ahhaha but itz ok tho. it relieves us some breath after the long journey :) thanks mama!

usually abah will bring us out for makan2. so the next day, abah brought us to penang for a family overnight trip. here's something... guess where we stayed? hmm?come ounn... guess! guess... ok. letz just save the trouble. i wont know what u guessed anyways hahah ok. so, abah booked rooms at the Hard Rock Hotel. the site was formerly Casuarina Hotel (is that how itz spelled? nvm.old story). was then bought over or something, bla bla bla... so here now stands the new HRH, Penang.
zara posing with her tok umi

in front of the Hard Rock Hotel/Cafe/Shop
the lobby looked just like any other hotel lobbies. with a twist of artists memorabilia on the walls. throughout the area u can see displays of clothings and instruments worn, used by famous singers and musicians. but if u ask me,  some of the outfits looked horrible! :p but hey, if u r famous, ppl craze for those things... mmm maybe just the fanatics... :D
errr... adek, apekah?? =D
so basically, the weekend was fun. we brought zara swimming for the first time. she loved it! at first she's a lil scared. then after a while, she's laughing and screaming with joy. and her little legs paddling in the water =D too bad tho we didnt take photos of her while at the pool. owh... the pool looks like sooo cool. but fya, the pool's just fit for kids! the slide water's not strong enough. teen-agers and above will get stuck in the slide. literally! =)) itz a fun stopper - the slide. suddenly u feel all embarrassed having to scoot urself down ;p ok. nuff with the embarrassment.
the cool pool??
kiddy fun pool?
we went to Tarbush restaurant for dinner. mama was too tired to follow, so she stayed with zara at the hotel.  the food tastes great. definitely recommended to try. the price is a bit something. but compensating the taste and the huge portion, itz worthwhile a try. we pack briyani ayam for mama. kesian, we only pack half of the real portion. if only we knew she's starving. throughout the day's meal mama keep saying she's not hungry. maybe the sedap-ness made her gain appetite? could be... sorry mama...
wifey, adek, and sarah
abah and myself
after dinner, we (me, wifey, sarah, and adek) wandered around the hotel for some pics.
at the entrance near the lobby
somewhere at the front
another pic at the lobby
with Michael Jackson in front of Hard Rock Cafe
the next day, b4 leaving the hotel, we bought some tees. sponsored by mama. there's even some cute ones for toddlers. but zara is too small to have her size sold. next time when u r bigger ayah buy for u ok zara?

then comes sunday... time to head back to the busy kl. mama and abah persuaded that we leave zara with them for a week as they're heading to kl on friday. at first we were reluctant. all mainly coz we were concerned. then again, mama did raise all three of her children by her own. and well, she did help a lot while ina is in confinement. abah even offered to pick adek from school and buy food so mama dont have to cook. well, the case has been brought up even since b4 we went to kedah. having thought of their strong wanting desire. we finally agreed. we bought all necessities that zara might require so mama wont have much problem taking care of zara.

huuu... we miss our little angel already. u be good girl k zara. umi and ayah miss u. cant wait till friday.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

what happened??

what ever happened to my design? all the widgets i put in place. whaa...?
all of a sudden it all changed back to original template and i cant change back. nuuuuu... :(

ok, i admit the previous design have some bugs but i intend to fix it.

y? oh y? na nan na na~ <-- edited version of Aqua song hehhe

for now i have settle with this design till i can put in some other design huhu
having this happened, maybe i should keep a screenshot archive of my layout from now on. so below are a start...

this is the first design
this is the current (2nd) design

Monday, March 22, 2010

fever WEAK-end

on MC today. thanks to the long 'WEAK'end. i dont feel good at all in the past weekend... been having fever and somehow i dont get well quick like i usually do. and lately i keep getting fever. so,my immune's like... degrading. signs of geting old?? nuuuu... im just 25! ok. positive! positive! letz blame it on the food intake heheh i didnt eat properly lately. all because the car broke down and i'm about MYR 500 off this month's budget. and itz not like i have much in any other months too. haihzzz... troublesome.

anyways, usually we'll visit my parents in the weekends so they can play with Zara. but this week, im just too weak to fight off this fever. itz blazing hot outside but i'm wearing sweater and socks, my head feels like the zulus are having a drum party with my brain, and my body's just too weak to do anything- i had to rest b4 i can actually move from 1 spot to another. so, they decided to come over instead. Papa, Mama, Nora and Fadly came. lucky us, they brought sate for lunch. itz also made dinner coz Papa bought a lil bit too much :) but itz ok. saves us some trouble preparing/buying dinner for the day. thanks Papa. Zara seems to be in good mood during their visit. she talked a lot with Mama. itz just baby talk but it just feels good. there's just something about it that triggers happiness. ok, maybe i don't describe it well, but i know u get me. so before they left, Papa and Mama told me to go see a doctor afterwards. my body's too warm they say.
Papa with Zara
and so i did. i went to see the doctor last night. and lucky me again, i was next to be called when i register. the doc said my temperature is 38.9 C and i have throat infection. i was prescribed some meds and MC for today =) owhh then it's a long que when i got out. itz just about 5 mins and suddenly there's a lot of ppl at the clinic. was it because of me? maybe the clinic should give my family free treatment next time onwards? hmmm... heheh :p

owh ohh! did i mention about Zara's eye? that poor baby. she's crying at the nursery. then while the care giver is making her milk, a toddler came to her with a bottle of milk (angelic gesture at that time). then the bottle slipped from its hand on to Zara's face and hit her eyes (not angelic anymore!). poor little Zara :( we didn't realise when we took her from the nursery. but later at home wifey noticed her red left eye. we took her to the clinic right away. wifey called the nursery while we wait our turn. so now we know the truth... seriously, they should inform us the moment it happened. lucky the doctor said her sight is ok. but seriously, come on. so wifey gave them a lecture. letz hope they improvise.

on saturday, well on saturday i started having the fever and headache. planned to have a haircut. it didn't happen. had panadol to beat the fever. helps, but on and off. so basically it gets worse when the fever gets back later in the evening. urgh. help! throughout the day i keep telling Zara we'll take her out (she like traveling it seems). also, didn't happen. then later that night she's a bit cranky. wifey asks if we could just bring her out for a drive. was in slight relief after taking panadol. so we brought her out for a drive. this is the fun part, she's just angelic in the car. we drove around for about an hour. she's already asleep then.so thatz when we head home.

thatz it for now. still got a few zulus playing drums in my head...

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Itzz a smallll worldd affter alll...

today has been quite productive. despite the office being quiet (most of the staffs are on leave due school hols), still managed to cover quite a lot. okay...anyways, today i joined a meeting with Dato' over in Kompleks Antarabangsa. guess who i met? my brother-in-law's brother! i never knew he's working with our partner. have been to their office so many times and i've never met him till just now... in a way, im happy to know that i'll be working with ppl i know. lest i feel awkward being the only rep from my company, and being the youngest of them all.

owhh... getting back to the small world matter, we also partner up with my b-i-l's company on our previous project! so the saying is right, the market isn't that big... u'l end up meeting with ppl u know in projects.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

completed! finally

yeah!the paperwork's finally completed! all the tiring days and nights are over? i really hope so. took the initiative to submit the paper by hand. just to confirm that itz finally submitted. seriously... itz like doing FYP again. but this paper involves money just to submit. well, itz a cheque. but hey... 20k just to apply?! they're really making money here...
kinda proud of my work tho. contributed a lot. say i did abt 60-70% of the contents. and this time round, i designed it. was never good on the task but lookie lookie. itz nice! the annexure placements, the cover page, the binding... hwaaa just liked how it looked at the end heheh ;p

next up... go bug the the staffs on the application progress. yeah, time to get pushy >:) just doing my job...

Monday, March 15, 2010

the long lost update

ahaha this is ridiculous. an update after three years?! seriously... i didn't even remember bout this blog at all. was just too tied up with work. urghhh... i don't want to get started to condemn that dreadful organization. now that i'm out, i kinda miss my team-JUST the tech team. NOT the 'team' as a whole. just the tech team... :) ok enuff with that experience.

so anyways, now i'm back...