Thursday, October 28, 2010

Syukur (Kau Yang Satu)

Favourite song at the moment.

Artist: One Nation Emcees
Song: Syukur (Kau Yang Satu)


Ku bersyukur kepadaMu
Hanya dikau yang Satu
Memberiku cahaya hidupku
Maha Esa
Gelap tanpa kasihMu
Perjalananku buntu
Ampuni segala dosa dosaku

Aku terpaku melihat kebesaranMu
Aku bersyukur segala rezeki untukku
Dan juga bila kau dalam fikiranku
Aku tunduk membisu
Terus sujud padaMu
Mari kita renungi segala apa terjadi
Mana perginya cinta
Mana hilangnya setia
Aku akan terus cekalkan hati ini
Dari terbit sehingga terbenamnya mentari

Dunia sementara kan dihitung juga
Sebelum terlambat tunaikan kewajipan kita
Tak guna airmata menitik bila tiba masa
Syurga atau neraka itulah jawapannya
Aku lelaki lengkap dengan anggota
Berfikir setiap masa, fikir tentang keluarga
Lindungilah aku dari fitnah dan noda
Kau tempatku meminta
Kau beri ku bahagia


Ku hirup secukup udara
Hatiku buka, termenung
Melihat jalan gelap lagi mendung
Kadangkala ku bertanya
Ke mana cahaya?
Mana nak ku cari sedikit kudrat dan keramat?
Yang penuh rahmat?
Berjuta juta kali dunia mempermainkanku
Hati menurut nafsu
Nafsu menipu aku
Tapi ku bersyukur pada yang Maha Esa
Dapatlah pena menari meluah kata kata

Ku meredhai apa yang telah terjadi
Tunjukkanlah jalan benar, ampunilah dosaku


Aku tafakur di hadapanmu
Berderai derai airmataku gugur
Tidak tertanggung
Peperangan emosi ini takkan terhenti
Selagi dosa lama masih aku bebani
Moga aku disirami salju kasih Ilahi
Semoga malamku tak bertemankan mimpi ngeri
Berikanku secebis kekuatan, kebahagiaan
Hati ini moga engkau terangkan


Oh Tuhan yang Satu
Ku serahkan diriku
Hanya kepadaMu
Hanya mampu berserah kepadaMu
Ampuni segala dosa dosaku

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

donut? sushi? donashi??

seeing the headline and u'll be saying "again?! this is old story! eaten it so many times already! have read so many blogs about it!" whatever... u just have to read it again!! ahaha

so, i was browsing old pics to upload/update my old posts (the ones i said i'll update with photos but never had them updated till ???) and i came across these photos. cute little puffs with chocolate/vanilla cream filling. and served with chopsticks! ahah nice marketing touch - sell sushi in a form of pastry. the person who came up with this idea must be very proud of him/herself. and im sure his/her boss would be too. 

it seemed like this twiggy sized 'donuts' really got malaysians hooked. seriously. maybe itz because of the size, u can't get enough of it. VERY bad for some of us in a way... bad for all of us in the long run. if u know what health risk im talking about. really. bad for me when im in the 'sweet tooth' mood. lucky wifey is not so into it. so she keeps my intake in check. tq love :*

then again, everything u eat can be bad for u if u dont control it. so, be wary with what u eat and especially how much u consume them... just a friendly reminder... :)

anyway, for those who havent tried them, try it! they're FUN to eat hehehe ;p below is an ad i found. just incase u wanna check out the flavour designs. enjoy!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Jadual Harian Amalan Mulia

previously i have posted about '20 Amalan Murah Rezeki'. i remembered that i posted it. but i dont recall all the details. as the imaam said in his 'khutbah', we need to be reminded again and again on doing deed...

then recently i received another email regarding the matter. the facts are the same but this one comes with a creatively designed reference schedule. itz an interesting approach there - the schedule. but itz rather jumbled or at least thatz how i see it.

but i printed it out anyway and paste it on my cubicle. just to keep myself reminded :)

anyway, as it was shared to me, im sharing it to the public.

insyaAllah, it'll be useful. here's the url: 20 Amalan Mulia

Monday, October 25, 2010

A deli-cious Birthday

Last Sunday was mama's birthday. we, (nora, kakak and me) agreed to celebrate the event at Delicious, MV. it was nora's idea basically. at first she wanted it be at the Curve. but then upon many considerations, she decided it was too far... and she just went Ikea the day before! so MV it is...

the little puff ball seemed in a good mood that weekend. in fact, she seemed all happy recently. she's ok to mingle with her grandma and atuk - which was a no no all this while =) maybe coz itz grandma's birthday? or she's used to seeing her grandparents that she can recognize them already..? not sure if it had anything to do with the new furniture arrangement at home. hurmmm... anyway, what ever the reason is, im happy that our little puff ball is happy, we are happy, family's happy, everybody's happy. good!

i'll let these photos tell their story now.

zara getting used to sitting in her stroller

left view of the table

right view of the table

zara: ayah!! dont leave me..!

me with my lil puff ball

zara eating fries on grandma's lap

zara eating fries on atuk's lap

zara: ayah..! take me..!

zara with... handbag??

to sum it up: 
Happy Birthday Mama.  May Allah bless you always.
We love u... =)

Rumahkah? Resortkah?

one sunday we went to uncle Jamil's house (he's abah's friend since their study years). so, we went to to his house. and i can only register that the crib is a house turned bali resort. really! well itz still in construction but whoa... oh, this build in progress is meant to be guests house. and surau =)

have a sneak peek:

wifey and adek climbing up from the guest house

part of the new extension

swimming pool (relocated from home front)

walkway at the guest house

the new living room

tempat wudu'
ok. enough for that sneak peek =)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Bismillah Lima: Doa dijauhkan mudarat

Dengan nama Allah yang Maha Pemurah dan Maha Penyanyang.
Dengan nama Allah yang menyembuhkan.
Dengan nama Allah yang mencukupi.
Dengan nama Allah yang memberi kesejahteraan.
Dengan nama Allah yang tidak memberi mudarat sesuatu di bumi juga di langit, dan Dia Maha Mendengar lagi Maha Mengetahui.

Antara kelebihan mengamalkannya:
Dengan izin Allah, ia berfungsi sebagai penawar bisa dan tidak memberi mudarat jika terminum. Bacalah ayat ini dan lumurkan air liur (dari bahagian lelangit mulut) di bahagian terkena bisa.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Makhluk Halus yang Durjana

u probably are thinking about spirits and ghosts right now... well, this is  not the 'makhluk halus' that i meant. i'm talking about ants. semut in bahasa malaysia.

those annoying little creepy crawlers! i dont know what they feed on. the garbage's always thrown out. table top, kitchen top's always wiped. what could they possibly be feeding on to spring to that vast amount?! yeah... stop. i  know they have food storage in their nest. but where did this batch of ants come from? i know i poisoned the whole colony previously. zero visibility after that.

now out of no where they came back in abundance. aiiiyooo~ worst part is, they are biting our little puff ball. durjana punya semut! the poor baby had marks like ... i dont know how to explain. there's still marks on her even months after she got bitten. kurang hajaq tul! x kisah la walaupun ko semut... kuang ajaq!

anyway, im going to exterminate the colony again. want to know my secret? well, i used a combination of poisons. see, not all is suitable for every species... so, mix them up... there are 3 types... the gel type, the 'grains' type, and another is the pasar malam type.

combine the 3 in the gel type and leave it at their trail. u'll see that the bait will be swarmed like crazy that u'd want to just spray it with shieldtox. DONT. let the ants take the bait to their nest/s? then, u'll see the swarm decrease after a few days. and ultimately, none will be seen anymore. try it!

p/s: wash ur hands after u handle the bait. itz poisonous. duhh!! and make sure u dont just leave it around where kids might accidentally play/eat it. itz poisonous. double duhh!!

zooloo out.